Alabama Jumpers


Alabama Jumpers are an excellent all around worm from Chattanooga Tennessee on south within the continental USA.

Composting: Alabama Jumpers are capable of burrowing through hard packed clay soils as well as sandy texture soils due to an enhanced durable tough skin. They eat decaying organic matter on the surface then burrow downward leaving their deposits of worm castings throughout. Over time these worms will convert clay or sandy soils into a rich organic soil.

Fishing: Just imagine what this worm will look like to the fish when it wiggles so much that it actually leaps! Alabama Jumpers have a good hook life of approximately one half hour. With their extra durable skin, they remain on the hook and do not tear away as easily as other worms, including the European Nightcrawler.

Reptile Food: Anyone with a reptile knows that these critters will go after something that moves. The Alabama Jumpers not only burrow but slither on top of the surface similar to a snake. The Alabama Jumper is a favorite of your reptile friends!