Alabama Jumpers Feeding At Night

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Alabama Jumpers come to the surface at night to feed and burrow back down into the soil during the daytime hours.

I snapped this picture of some Alabama Jumpers at about 5am this morning, showing them on the surface feeding. It is difficult to catch them for as soon as I lift the cover off, they scramble below ground. This time I was quick enough to catch some of them in the act!

One thing to notice is that there are a number of new born Alabama Jumpers also eating on the surface. You can see a few of them towards the center of the picture.

Alabama Jumpers

One thing to keep in mind is that Alabama Jumpers do not only feed on the surface as this worm bin also has food on one side of the bin buried below the surface. In short, if there is a food source below the surface, the Alabama Jumpers will munch on it also, converting over to worm castings.

This is one reason the Alabama Jumpers do well for garden composting in the southern half of the United States. They will locate and consume organic matter above and below ground, revitalizing and enriching your soil in your yard and garden areas.

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