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It has been a while since I last posted here on the Alabama Jumpers web site and thank all of you for your patience. I am constantly getting contacted asking if we have Alabama Jumpers available for sale.

The problem arose originally with the extremely cold winter across the country this past winter. This sent the Alabama Jumpers grown outside in the fields down deep while also killing off a good number of them. Hence the other farms were left with no Alabama Jumpers to sell.

Before I realized this I sold off a larger portion of my Alabama Jumpers stock than I should have, leaving us short on our breeder supply. Over the past few months we have been breeding and studying ways to increase the growth rate of the Alabama Jumpers in our bins which are in a controlled environment. We are now seeing an increase in the weekly growth rate of 23% to 24%. I am hoping to see this about double in the coming weeks.

So what does this mean for you?

I am currently releasing limited numbers of Alabama Jumpers for sale again for the next few weeks. After this, I hope to be wide open offering unlimited numbers per week.

You can visit our online store to order your Alabama Jumpers today!

Thanks again for your patience,

Bruce Galle

Alabama Jumpers for Sale

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