Alabama Jumpers Raised In Black Peat Moss

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Well the latest bedding for the Alabama Jumpers I have tried is black peat moss. This material is a little more difficult to come by but most nurseries and higher end places will carry it.

Black peat is a darker, richer looking material since it is decomposed further than the most familiar variety sphagnum peat which is browner in color.

I originally tried the sphagnum peat moss for raising Alabama Jumpers however being it has the highest water holding capacity of the peat moss family this raised an issue. The sphagnum peat held the water which eventually drained towards the bottom layers making them too wet. Much like a sponge will drain when full of water.

The black peat moss holds the moisture better without draining, hence keeping a balance of moisture throughout the bin.

I was fascinated when I released the Alabama Jumpers into the black peat moss as they appeared right at home. Usually there is an adjustment period of up to 2 weeks when changing the bedding material.

I released 275 Alabama Jumpers into approximately a half filled 5 gallon bucket with the black peat moss. I had predrilled holes on the top and along the bottom sides of the bucket.

Since the release of the Alabama Jumpers into the black peat two weeks ago, I now have some cocoons as well as young recently hatched Alabama Jumper worms.

This brings me to a couple points making Alabama Jumpers unique based on my observations thus far. First the Alabama Jumper cocoons apparently hatch much faster than other worms. The cocoons were laid and some hatched within a short two week period. On the down side, I have only noticed one Alabama Jumper hatchling per cocoon thus far. I believe the rapid laying and hatching of the cocoons could be away for the Alabama Jumpers to overcome the shortcoming of one worm per egg in order to compete in reproduction with other types of worms.

I have been feeding the Alabama Jumpers the Purina Worm Chow every other day.

Will post further news as it becomes available!

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