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I found out something interesting concerning Alabama Jumpers a while back from a fellow long time worm farmer located in Alabama. While one would assume that these worms would be called Alabama Jumpers in Alabama, they are not. Rather they refer to them as Wigglers.

This is not to be confused with the red wigglers most folks use for composting as the Alabama Jumpers are grey in color, hence also called Grey Wigglers.

Getting a little confusing? Well it gets better!

Since Alabama Jumpers are also called Georgia Jumpers, I decided to call on another friend and long time worm farmer from Georgia. Again, one would assume in Georgia they would call them Georgia Jumpers but wrong again. They call them Alabama Jumpers!

I just thought you might find this humorous and wonder whoever came up with the name Alabama Jumpers since apparently it was not the folks in Alabama!

Bruce Galle

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