Pictures Of Newly Hatched Alabama Jumpers

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Being I was running behind, I went to feed the Alabama Jumpers and my other worms the other night, which really should be done during the course of the day. The reason is that Alabama Jumpers as with other worms, earthworms feed during the evening hours. Alabama Jumpers especially are known to come to the surface during the night to feed on organic matter and return to the soil when the sun comes up.

In short this actually worked to my advantage for once since I have been trying to get pictures of the juvenile Alabama Jumpers since other sites claim raising Alabama Jumpers in captivity cannot be done while having a good reproduction rate.

Now the two pictures below of the juvenile Alabama Jumpers do not show a true 3D reality of what I can see since they are in 2D, they definitely prove one can raise Alabama Jumpers in a worm bin!

Below are to pictures which show thousands of newly hatched to one month old Alabama Jumpers raised in a worm bin which is three feet long by two foot wide. I have approximately a depth of one foot of bedding material.

The juvenile Alabama Jumpers are from a quarter inch long to approximately two inches long and literally covered the top of the worm bin.

Alabama Jumpers

Alabama Jumpers

Alabama Jumpers for Sale

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