Raising Alabama Jumpers In A Worm Bin Part 2

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I just back from feeding the worms and had to take a sneak peak on the Alabama Jumpers in the worm bin. If you missed part 1, you can click here.

The vegetable scraps I placed on the one side of the worm bin where I am currently trying to raise some, has now cooled down. However there are even more Alabama Jumpers residing in the mixture on the one side I originally dug a small trench to fill. In fact there are dozens of the worms now living within the vegetable scrap pile as well as just underneath it.

Since the decomposing material has now cooled down and they continue to be drawn to the area, I can eliminate the extra heat as the reason they are beginning to swarm to the trenched area.

To insure it is not a moisture difference, I have been checking daily with a moisture meter to make sure the entire worm bin is evenly moist. So far we are right on the money!

If it turns out the Alabama Jumpers I am trying to raise in the worm bin are attracted to the vegetable scraps I placed in with them to eat, it will be a good sign. This would mean that you could make a compost pile out of just about any material, food scraps, paper, hay, leaves… and allow the Alabama Jumpers to work on the material as well as spread out through your yard or garden area.

I will try to get another update over the weekend sometime as well as try to upload some pictures or videos to go along with Raising Alabama Jumpers In A Worm Bin Part 3.

In the meantime, keep safe and have a great holiday season!


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