Raising Alabama Jumpers In A Worm Bin

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After approximately two months, the Alabama Jumpers in my worm bin are healthy and appear happy. They are fattening up and growing. The only problem is that they are not prolific at this time which others have reported when raising in captivity.

When raising Alabama Jumpers inside in a worm bin, I decided to go back to the drawing board and start from the beginning.

I have read till I am blue in the face that Alabama Jumpers do not feed on food scraps such as vegetables. Well go ahead and hit me ;-) After all I have preached about not believing in everything you read online as it contains much false hoods.

Keep in mind the Alabama Jumpers are eating well as they thoroughly enjoy the Purina Worm Chow I place in the worm bin as well as the ones outside I feed with it every week. I have noticed that the Alabama Jumpers appear to be congregating more in the moister and warmer areas of the worm bin. Hence my idea was born…

Two days ago, I took some vegetable scraps and coffee grinds and placed all of it in a blender to make a soupy mixture. I then mixed in some peat moss to thicken the mixture a bit. I proceeded to the Alabama Jumpers worm bin and dug out a trench on one side, laid down some cardboard and evenly distributed the mix to fill the trench. I then covered this with some damp cardboard followed up with some damp newspaper.

After day one, I noticed a few worms on the edge between the regular bedding and the new mixture, which I figured could have been a fluke.

I checked again this morning, day two, and now noticed a few of the Alabama Jumpers were in the middle of the vegetable scrap mixture itself. Now mind you there are only a few however the mixture was heated up a bit on day one and is beginning to cool down. The worms in the mixture appear to be healthy and wiggling well.

It is too early to tell whether the Alabama Jumpers are moving into the food mix because of the available food itself or the heat being generated as the material begins to compose. It may even be a blend of both or perhaps the moisture content.

I will update this post within the next few days as it could become very interesting!

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